Question ASUS RTX 2080 Super suddenly stopped detecting PCIe cables.

Jul 23, 2020
So this is my third PC build, but by far the unluckiest. I had to RMA my motherboard and buy a new one, now after my return period is over, my GPU suddenly stopped working and started to show the error: "PLEASE POWER DOWN AND CONNECT THE PCIe POWER CABLE(S) FOR THIS GRAPHICS CARD"

Here's what I did to troubleshoot it:

1- I connected it to a different PSU with different PCIe cables. GPU still shows same error.

2- I put the GPU on a different system with different motherboard and CPU. Same error.

3- I installed my brother's GTX 1080 on my motherboard and PSU. His card booted just fine.

4- I checked the pins on my GPU with a USB microscope to look for bends, rust, or burns. Everything looks fine. (See videos here View:

5- I obviously made sure the cables are properly connected.

I believe this is a minor issue, because when I first turn the PC on, all the fans and LEDs turn on for a few seconds before stopping. So the GPU seems to be working fine but simply unable to detect that the PCIe cables are connected

My PSU is an old 2012 Gigabyte Sumo 900 W. The other PSUs I tried are both brand new +600W. So I don't think it's a PSU error even though my PSU is old. However, I do think it's an issue related to the PSU because at the time the GPU stopped working, I remember plugging a flash drive USB to my PC which is why I think it's an electrical problem.

My specs are:

Ryzen 3900x
ASUS RTX 2080 Super DUAL
4x8GB 3200MHz
MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
Gigabyte 900W PSU