Question asus sabertooth z77 didnt show pcie gen 3.0 option in bios

Apr 28, 2021
so i have this motherboard long time ago , and i bought new gpu rtx 3060 12gb from MSI. and i plug it into this motherboard, it say in manual book you can get pcie gen 3.0 if you use ivy bridge or 3rd generation intel processor(im using intel core i3 3220). so i did that. and i was checking with GPUz , and my GPU is lock in pcie gen 2.0 even i overclock it. i already look into the bios, there's only 3 option, Auto,Gen1 and Gen 2 .
what im supposed to do? i need this GPU work in 3.0 ASAP

please help me


what im supposed to do?
Only thing you can do, is to update your BIOS. You'll need either Version 1908, 2003 or 2104,
link: Z77/HelpDesk_BIOS/

But if you already have latest BIOS on there, then your MoBo is faulty, by considering your Ivy Bride CPU as Sandy Bridge CPU and thus, locking you out of PCI-E 3.0.
In this case, buy new, up-to-the-date, CPU-MoBo-RAM combo. Or you can try to find another Z77 chipset MoBo on 2nd hand market.