Asus Striker Extreme Configurations - Which Is Best?


May 3, 2006
Alright, its been two years since my last upgrade (excluding large arrays of hard drives I go through).
Am dead set on getting an Asus Striker Extreme as it looks like the champion of gaming motherboards.
How ever, after looking on the charts and specs of the board, I am a little confused, it says 1333fsb. Does that mean I can use PC2-10666 ram?

More importantly, which is the winner for playing games, I do like to play MMO, and I like to play 2-4 accounts at the same time. So multicore processor is a must for me.

Would a E6750 Core Duo (FSB1333) 4MB L2
or Q6600 Core Duo (FSB1066) 8MB L2 do me more justice?

I was thinking of the Corsair Dominator XMS2 CAS5 2gig PC2-8500. Would something else be better? Is it ideal to have the same ram clock speed as the CPU FSB?

I already have a Asus 7800GTX, a little out of date but that will be my next upgrade (to a 8800 Ultra).

Your opinion is much valued and thanks for reading.



680i run cpu & ram linked or unlinked. Linked is a limitation. All Intel-chipset-based mobos do only linked at a ratio. It's more time-consuming to o/c at a ratio. When unlinked, the cpu & ram can run at any supported speeds. i.e.

QDR = 1333
DDR = 1066

Those are what you'd put in bios if you bought e6750 & pc2-8500. Or:

QDR = 1066
DDR = 1066

If you bought the same ram & a quad.

It doesn't matter to 6x0i whether the cpu & ram are at the same speeds. It only matters to the bottom line. :)

I wouldn't worry too much about cpu/ram selections, but I'd worry about my wallet. :)