Asus Strix GL502VM-DB71 Gaming Laptop Review

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Oct 10, 2014
Nice review. I also think this might be the best of the bunch in this class(1080p/60hz). As you mentioned a ssd is the only real compromise and that can easily be remedied later. Battery life is fairly impressive for gaming as well. Even more impressive they were able to squeeze g-sync into that price. Bravo!

Any chance of 1440p/144hz reviews coming? I honestly haven't seen many. There seems to be the extremes of affordable 1080p to overpriced 4k(often w/ underpowered gpu's and questionable PPI).


I have an ASUS laptop and I am still very happy with it after 4 years of use. But, having said this, I would expect a laptop's screen to take up more space on the actual laptop. If the laptop could house a 17 or 18" screen then I think it should. This is why I am so attracted to ultrabooks which hardly leave space for a webcam on the screen panel.
Its not bad (I mean, a 1060 can even 4K a few titles close to 30 fps), but at the same time the price has gone up along with it...

Cheapest laptop I can find in Poland with a 1070 is around 1900 dollars...
One concern:
It may be GSYNC, but since there would be no module it works like Freesync. That is perfectly fine if you understand how it all works, however...

The GSYNC range is not mentioned. Unless it drops down to 24FPS (24FPS to 60FPS asynchronous range) you will not get support below the minimum thus you're back to VSYNC ON/OFF issues.

Previously GSYNC laptops avoided this with 75Hz panels and had a range of 30Hz to 75Hz which worked fine, so hopefully they just have panels now that support 24Hz to 60Hz which again will prevent dips below the minimum from suddenly causing added STUTTERING or screen-tear depending on how you've set things up.
I ordered a FX502VM last night from Amazon for $899. But it sports a i5-6300HQ and 1060 3gb. Considering how much more powerful the new GPU's are over the last gen, I think it is a really good deal. First thing I'm going to to is add a SSD though, then it should be a killer machine.


Nov 27, 2016
i strongly believe ASUS GL502VM-DB71 has a thunder bolt 3 !!
i have read reviews sayiing
ASUS GL502Vs-DB71 doesnot have
ASUS GL502VM-DB71 has it

Can anyone confirm pls??


Mar 22, 2017
I have and can confirm that it the GL502DB71 has Thunderbolt 3. I check the BIOS and it has Intel's Thunderbolt 3 controller (Alpine Ridge).
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