Question Asus Strix Hero II - strange problem with GPU/Display

Apr 22, 2020
First of all, excuse me! I am fairly new here, so I am not sure if this is in the right section.

I have a problem which I already have for 1 year (since I bought this Hero II laptop from Asus).

Whenever I start up the computer, 80% of the time the screen of my laptop turns black and no windows screen pops up. However I can see when this happens the blacklit of the LCD lights up. So the screen is not completely off, and windows is running (My RGB lights go out). Whenever I have this, I put the computer to sleep, and open the lid after 30 seconds or so, sometimes it gives me the windows login screen then, sometimes not. I need to repeat this step most of the time 5 - 10times. To make it even stranger, when it boots up it's in a small screen (downsized) but whenever I am logged in, it goes back to normal. HOWEVER this small screen is also, not always the case. Sometimes it boots up in normal screen size as well.

The other 20% the computer boots up just like normal, with the screen running and everything just like you would expect.

I have a video which makes it a lot better to understand what I mean:


I tried the following: searched the whole web, installed other versions of Windows 10 (even Windows 7), and Linux: they all had the same problem, which makes it sure for me this is a hardware problem. I never came across someone who has the exact same problem. So I am hoping anyone can help me.. The laptop is still in warranty, I worked abroad for 1 year, so I only have the chance to get it to Asus for a warranty claim as of now. But, if I can fix this myself it would be great.

Does anyone know what is happening here, perhaps have or had it by yourself? I am completely clueless..


May 6, 2016
Hi Jhonnay,

Do you have an external monitor/TV that you connect the laptop to with an HDMI/DP cable. See if you still get the same problem when starting the laptop while connected to an external monitor.
Also, just to be sure, make sure you get the latest driver software. If your laptop has an NVIDIA card get GeForce Now from their website and update the drivers.