Question ASUS strix RTX 2080 ti not giving desired frames under performing

Jun 19, 2019
Hey everybody, just recently i have been watching youtubers benchmark and compare graphic cards too the supers. I have noticed that my exact card that youtubers have overclocked such as my own are getting much higher frames on games I also play. For example using the exact same card and very similar specs on Battlefield V they were getting 136FPS on average where i am getting 95-100FPS on average. The settings were the same all ultra settings in 2560 x 1440 resolution. The specs I am running are:
CPU - i9 9900K
GPU - ASUS strix 2080 ti
RAM - 4 x 8GB 3600 MHz
SSD - 2 x 1TB samsung evo plus
MB - ASUS ROG maximus code XI

Just wondering how my graphics card could be running at 36 frames less please help.