Question ASUS STRIX Z370-F Gaming weird issue. not powering on.

My system was working fine there was no issues then all of sudden system was not giving display it was powering on all led fans etc but no display.
Then I removed 3 out if 4 rams and tried to boot again with 1 ram and then I got the display.
After this I installed all 8x4 32GB Ram and it booted fine
Today morning same thing happened no display then again I removed ram and installed it worked

Just now same issue again.....
Its happening when I am turning of system and powering on it won't give display unless I remove and insert ram again

What could be the issue?
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Any help?
i have never seen such issue

like i have 4 RAM system will power on and give display and once its shut down
next time if i power it on again it wont give display unless one or more ram is removed. and if i power it off again
same thing happened next time unless i remove or reinsert more ram.... this is really weird