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Question Asus Transformer T100 (TA) stuck at boot screen changing GPT to MBR


Oct 26, 2018
Dear valued contributors,

I get Recovery blue screen error code: 0xc000000f -> press the win key for UEFI Firmware Settings. I get sent to BIOS, cannot see boot from legacy. LOOP.

The SSD partitions are still there with the initial Win 8.1 installation.

I have this ASUS Transformer T100TA tablet with keyboard, with a Win 8.1 default installation on it and wanted to install Win 10 x64.

I have created the image with Rufus, plugged it in, boot didn't work. I have remade the image with Rufus for UEFI - still didn't boot from the USB.

Restarted, installed EaseUS Partition Master and changed the GPT to MBR on the tablet - thinking that it will allow me to bypass the UEFI.

After this I am stuck in a loop - Windows cannot boot from its internal SSD and I cannot restore it because I cannot boot from a UEFI installation:

Any ideas? I googled and couldn't find anything:
  1. Does this tablet not support win 10? Ideally I would want to install Win 10 on it.
  2. If Win 10 is not compatible, how can I fix the UEFI original boot to get back to normal, booting on the default installation of Win 8.1 within the SSD?
UEFI does not work with MBR. And you'll gain nothing from switching from GPT to MBR.

You disable UEFI from BIOS. It's been quite a while since I had T100, so I can't tell you the exact BIOS parameter, but look for something like "Legacy BIOS" etc.

And last but not least - Microsoft provides perfect tool for making installation USB drives.


Mar 16, 2013
Win 10 works with the Transformer T100T. I have one (1/2 busted keyboard)
Also a T101HA, with Win 10 Pro.

Create a new Win 10 USB, boot from that, and install.
No need for Rufus: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

NOTE: It WILL be slow, but that's only because it is a desperately slow little laptop.


Win 10 Master
UEFI does not work with MBR.
Actually, it does.
perhaps you are confused.
Legacy only boots MBR
UEFI can boot MBR or GPT (since it was built to replace legacy)

I have created the image with Rufus, plugged it in, boot didn't work. I have remade the image with Rufus for UEFI - still didn't boot from the USB.
this is likely a setting in BIOS called Secure boot that stops windows from booting from USB, unless its turned off.

Asus BIOS have CSM instead of Legacy, so its likely under that... I would look in the manual but its useless. You don't want to swap to MBR anyway.

This is Bad config data. MIght mean drive is at fault as BCD doesn't just break itself normally.
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