Question Asus Tuf B460m Plus WiFi and Deepcool RF120 Fans RGB problem


Jan 27, 2019
So, I have just bought a new cpu+mobo I5-10400f and b460m plus wifi, and everything works fine, except for my 3 rf120 Deepcool RGB fans. The fans work just fine but no RGB lights what so ever, I'm testing with one fan right now, one power cable is going to a fan header, and the other RGB cable is connected to an RGB splitter cable which has 3 cables for the 3 fans and a 4 PIN 12v, G, R, B that goes to the RGB header in the motherboard, I checked that the It's going in the right way based on the label on the cable, but no luck still no lights.

One of the time I was testing, the fan lit up for two seconds in very light green and then turned off again, so I don't know what Is the problem, what I'm thinking is
Could both the RGB headers be faulty?
Could the cable that goes to the MB be faulty, although this is the first time using It?
I read that some boards have jumper switches that are set to 5v by default, so could that be the reason, that I have to do something to make the 12V RGB headers provide 12V?

If anyone had a similar problem, please let make know. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.