Question Asus TUF B660 Plus Wifi D4 Q-led Question ?

Jun 25, 2021
Hello ,
I got Asus TUF B660 Plus Wi-Fi D4 motherboard and everything is working good and perfect but the problem is when I boot the system the VGA led on Q-Led is lit on but the Graphics card working great and show me the display with good FPS on games and doing just great.
Now every time I start the pc the Led stays on until I restart it like from the case I click on the reset button and the led is off and working just the same while its on

that's annoying that every time I start my pc I should restart it while booting to switch off the VGA Q-led ,

it work normally in either ways on/off .
but I want to know if its a problem or am missing something ?

CPU : intel i7 12700
GPU : MSI Suprim X 3070TI
RAM : 4*8GB Corsair vengeance pro RGB
MOB : Asus TUF B660 Plus Wi-Fi D4
PSU : Antec HCG 850W
Nvme : 1TB Samsung Evo 970 Plus +2HDD


Retired Mod
ASUS boards ALWAYS show a Q-code 30 when resuming from sleep, so on a board that does not have an actual Q-code display, just LED status, it would not seem unusual for one of the Q-code LED lights to stay lit. Showing an error code when resuming from sleep, especially on ASUS Intel based chipset boards, has been going on since the Z170 days. So long as everything is working properly I wouldn't be concerned. Also, make sure you have the MOST up to date stable motherboard BIOS version installed.