Sep 6, 2020
Hey I just bought brand new Asus Tuf laptop
CPU: AMD 4800h
Gpu:1650 4GB
Ram: 16 GB
512 GB SSD

I mainly use it for video editing on the go. I bought it on September 24th and used it extensively for hours without any issues. I have also played Apex Legends and League of Legends for 2 to 3 hours and the games ran butter smooth.
Yesterday it froze up for the first time as I was using google chrome.

I use this to Edit videos DaVinci resolve and it ran really well. Yesterday was looking at youtube videos for a shoot tomorrow coming up with shot lists and this the display just froze. I use a Logitech G304 wireless mouse with this. I need to use this laptop for work tomorrow and this issue is gonna ruin things as copying files takes a long time from the SD card. Even online editing will take a couple of hours but with this issue might end up screwing me.

The display freezes and the hardrive light stops blinking. It stops taking all input. it doesn't give me a BSOD. The screen just freezes and pressing CNTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't do anything. Once I shut it down by pressing the power button and reboot it everything runs normal. The laptop is only a week old and as I bought it from a local vendor who is 1500kms away I have no way of returning it. It just feels like the system just went to sleep mode or hibernation with no way to wake up.

Today I opened it up and re-seated the RAM. Didn't wanna mess with the hard-drive as it's an Nvme and got a paper cover on it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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