Mar 14, 2021

i recently bought this laptop and i noticed a problem when i use a portable ssd. it’s a Samsung T5 1TB. I use this drive for my music program/VSTs etc. I never had problems with it on my desktop, but if i go on the music program on my laptop, after a while it will suddenly give an error or it will just crash instantly when i try to click something. The portable ssd has a led indicator, blue means that it’s powered on/working and red means that it is powered off/safe to remove. The problem is, if i use this on my laptop and don’t do anything for a couple seconds. The led will go red. I’m sure that is the reason why programs on that drive crash. Anyway. I checked this on my desktop and never had the problem that it turns off. I already tried disabling the power saving option in device manager on the usb ports but that didn’t help. When i checked advanced options on the powerplan I didn’t had any options about the usb ports. I checked the bios aswell but no options.. I’m so lost, I’m hoping that someone can help me with this.