Question Asus Tuf Gaming FX705D CPU gets hot and doesn't power on.


Oct 5, 2018
Hi guys,
I have a Asus Tuf gaming FX705D for repair, a screw has fallen on the board while battery was plugged in and i fell on near GPU power supply and caused the laptop to turn on no screen fast fan spin and a really hot CPU, The fans are not spinning anymore and when i turn the motherboard on with just keyboard connected the CPU gets badly Hot and under a thermal cam i just see a spot near its heat sink which gets badly hot if you let it be like that it won't shut itsself off back and keeps gaining heat. the Voltage is 19V and the current about 0.8A which is pretty low for a gaming laptop and shows there is a serious issue with it. i checked caps under CPU and all of them except 3 or 4 were shorted to gound and GPU inductors just two bigs ones and some Mosfets are shorted to ground too, near the power jack there are some small caps that are shorted to ground. when i plug the power CPU gets warm up to 37 Degrees which i can feel it, a cap near GPU power supply and a chip near HDMI and a USB port get also warm which i can see through a thermal camera. I just wonder if it is normal that when laptop is plugged in the CPU gets warm and another question is how high are the chances that CPU is shorted and burned, because if this is the case i won't work on it and consider it as a no repair, but wana see if there is still a chance that CPU or GPU are still working , i can go over it over time and find the faulty component. I appreciate your answers.
Note: That inductor which gets warm near GPU power supply was removed and still we have short on the board so i soldered it back in place.