Question ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ 2K blurred colors

Dec 3, 2021
A little problem has occured with my gaming monitor few days ago. At first the colors were messed up(something like graphics in game Borderlands 3). It lasted for +/- 15 minutes and then it disappeared and everything was alright as usual. Then it appeared again for a while and dissappeared - and so on. I was using some color profile which I found on google so I decided to remove it but it didn't solve my problem. I also tried switching display cables(from DisplayPort to HDMI) and no difference. After that I also tried to turn on HDR function which kind of solved my problem but not completely. When I play CSGO everything is okay but yesterday I played RDR 2 after like two months and in the game settings display mode was set to "Borderless windowed " and it appeared again. I had to switch it to "Fullscreen" in order to fix blurred colors. Then when I turned off the game the colors were messed up again. I had to turn off and turn on HDR to fix the colors. I should also mention that before this problem occured function HDR was turned off and everything was working just fine. Check photos to see what's going on. Using PrtScr can't show my display problems for some reason(basically everything seems alright when I opened screenshot on my mobile) so I took photos with my smartphone. I have been using the monitor for about 6 months and GPU is NVIDIA RTX 3060. And one more thing - the colors are messed up no matter if I play a game, if I watch a movie or if I simply browse so it is not a problem because of bad media player or display settings in a game.

OK colors_example1 | Blurred colors_example1
OK colors_example2 | Blurred colors_example2


It's not blurry, it's a filtering issue and has to do with your GPU's settings. HDMI has better speed response (if your cable is good) than Display Port.
Print Screen is not capturing your filtering & sends the image as it is supposed to look.
Example 1 - I see no blur, just different filtering.
Example 2 - Severe filtering issue of some sort. (and/or Emboss SFX)