Question ASUS TUF RX 5700XT OC 8GB Black-Screening, BSOD, & PC Crashing in VR (AMD auto-detecter says faulty/corrupted drivers, driver timeouts, ect.)

Sep 28, 2021
PC Specs:
Corsair Gold 80+ 750w
Mobo: ASUS TUF x570 Gaming+Wifi
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
RAM: 32GB 4400MHz ThermalTake Toughram (DOCP/X.M.P not enabled/doesn't want to work, so its clocked at 2666MHz, and yes, I know it's horrific overkill)
HDD(s): (older + C: drive) Seagate 1TB, & (newer + B: drive) Seagate Barracuda 2TB
No SSD's

VR Headset:

Oculus Rift S

I want to start this off by saying this ONLY happens in VR, even with the VR faulty driver errors I get when playing VR, I haven't experienced a single crash while using my computer, to do literally anything. This is ONLY happening in VR.
I would also like to state this is an issue that happens at random, some days it won't happen for 2-3 hours, while other days it happens within 10-15 minutes. I simply cannot "recreate" the crashes I'm receiving.

Any VR game I play will do this to me, my VR headset will just crash, and here is what happens when it does...
I typically hear a loud squelch sound, my VR will black screen, and then I will see static in my VR Headset. After a while I will be able to see my game again, but it is locked in 10FPS, and to fix I have to reset oculus software, and fully unplug my VR headset.

My PC at random times will crash, BSOD, or black screen while unplugging my VR headset.
My PC TYPICALLY ONLY crashes when I unplug my VR headset, OR TURN OFF THE OCULUS SOFTWARE!!
AMD can catch the issue before my PC shuts off automatically, and prevent a crash from happening. There was ONLY ONE occasion where my PC crashed before I could unplug my headset.

The most usual thing is a black screen, fixes if I don't touch anything, but I also just go about my way and hit Control+Alt+Delete a few times and it also fixes itself that way too.
The lesser usual thing is a black screen, then PC crash/restart. It simply acts like I pressed the restart button on my PC. and then boots just fine without any issues at all.
The most unusual thing is BSODs. I only have had 2 happen to me so far, and I forgot the codes, I didn't have time to write them down before them disappearing and my PC restarting.

I've done everything to attempt to fix this, using DDU, using older/newer/optional drivers, down/upgrading BIOS, disabling windows functions, all the way down to completely rebuilding my entire PC, because I thought I did something wrong whilst building it.
If it was a faulty GPU/GPU drivers then wouldn't it happen while using my PC without VR?

I talked to some Oculus support people, and to no avail, they didn't help. They did recognize that there was a LiveKernelEvent error popping up in oculus logs, and said it was most likely a GPU, Disk Drive, or temperature issue.
I get on average 61C to 75C max while playing, it has never went above those temps (that I can recall). I do notice, while playing VR, that 1 of my 3 fans wont be active (this doesn't happen often), and sometimes after I get off VR, even though the card is ~65C the fans aren't even on (this also doesn't happen often).
After going through tedious processes of attempting to fix the issue, it crashed on me within the first five minutes of playing on my most recent VR launch.

The only thing I haven't ruled out is Disk Drive Errors. I do know that my oculus software is on my C: drive, which is a pretty aged HDD unit. I'm not 100% sure where my GPU drivers are installed, but my guess is C: drive as well.
Is there a way I can test to see if I have Disk Drive Errors before I drop 600$ on a new GPU?
or can anyone attempt to help me try to find out what is going on?

My GPU isn't older than 1 year, I would estimate 6-9 months. I can still get an RMA on it, but waiting all that time isn't what I really want to do, also even though I have the original box, I don't have the receipt. I would have to go to my bank and get monthly statements until I found what one has my GPU purchase on it, I also currently am busy with life.

My last option here is this Friday I'm ordering a 3060, after I get what help I can from here, if this doesn't succeed I'm just dropping money on a new GPU, I've lost all hope.
Please bear with me, I don't have the best knowledge on this situation.
Thanks for any help.


Have you tried turning off or disconnect monitor while using vr? Is that possible? There may be conflict issue running multiple display/Hz with that card causing it to be unstable. 5700 series is plagued with various problems though, sadly.
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Sep 28, 2021
Have you tried turning off or disconnect monitor while using vr? Is that possible? There may be conflict issue running multiple display/Hz with that card causing it to be unstable. 5700 series is plagued with various problems though, sadly.
This seems like a good idea. I will attempt this.

Any way to test for a bad disk drive though?