Info Asus TUF Z-370 Pro Gaming and power throttling. Solved!


Dec 9, 2010
I watched a video about four-phase CPU power boards. The suggestion was that they are not very good. .. Plus from googling I keep reading of people saying how these cheaper boards are rubbish. Mine is that type.

However with an i7-8700K, I never had any issues so far. That was until I decided to try test my mobo for power to the CPU. What I had learnt from Hardware Unboxed, Linus, and Tech Yes City, was that these boards throttle the CPU.

I went ahead and tested with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. Sure enough, my CPU would throttle to 95W. It did however hit a peak of 131W before throttling.

It doesn't end there, and there is real hope for people with these boards. The mobo did not throttle in: current, VRM temps, thermal throttle, or Pmax throttle.

I had hoped one day to drop a 9900K into my board. Simple painless upgrade from an 8700K. Albeit not the most cost effective upgrade by a long way. Still - a great gaming CPU.

For a good while I kept thinking and googling for a solution. I looked in my BIOS and can not see a way to remove the power throttle. I came back to the Intel Extreme App, and looked more closely at the controls it has.

I realised that power throttling comes about when the CPU demands more than 95W for a time. (It also seemed to happen at 77'C. However I saw other people quote different temps, so maybe that was just not it.)

Anyway and this was the solution. In Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, I increased two settings. One might have done it, but I did two. I increased Turbo Boost Power max, and Turbo Boost Short Power Max.

Bingo! My CPU would clock up freely at stock clocks. Run at about 140W and not throttle. I tested this for a good while, and it stayed fine. There was no VRM throttle, no temp throttle, or any throttle at all.

On another note, all there is left to do is delid my 8700K, at it's coming very close to three years old. It's still gaming everything at stock clocks, so a delid is just for temps, and fan speeds. Plus I tested it with an all core 4.7GHz OC, and it was still just purring - no temp or VRM etc, throttles. (That was with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility benchmark, and Prime 95.) Meaning gaming with an 8700K for a good while into the future is OK.

If there was a BIOS option to fix this, even better. Although I would be OK running Intel X Tuning though, when needed.

It also means there is a very good chance a 9900K will run at stock clocks. Or an all core OC. Or maybe even an all core at 4.8GHz or 4.9GHz. I won't try with an OC above 5GHz, since the power consumption rockets. It does mean this mobo/system will OK for a good time yet.
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