Question ASUS UEFI on AsRock Motherboard

Jan 16, 2019
So, i changed my FX 6300 and AsRock AM3 motherboard for this Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard and an i5 3570k , the only issue is that is has an ASUS Uefi on it instead of its original firmware. All the PC Monitoring software recognizes the mobo as "ASUS P8-H61-M LX3". Can I Flash the mobo so it comes back to normal? I don't want to leave it this way because i can't control the OC Settings or FAN Speeds. I have an i5 3570k, 8GB of RAM and a RX 570 8GB


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Where did you acquire this board?

Just to be clear, it looks like the image on the left, and not the right?

Firmware is very, very unlikely to be interchangeable. Usually, even in revisions of the same board (1.0 vs 2.0), the BIOS isn't interchangeable - and that's the same vendor and (most) of the same components used.

There are some off-brand boards out of Asia that use a basic chipset but have found a way to enable some of the higher-end features. But that doesn't sound like what you're dealing with here.

I have no clue how you'd successfully force an ASUS H61 BIOS onto an ASRock Z68 board but, assuming the ASRock board is legit, you should be able to reflash the correct BIOS Extreme3 Gen3/index.asp#BIOS
It may be possible to trick the motherboard by installing the wrong BIOS. It may not be reversible.

You can buy a replacement BIOS chip with the BIOS version you desire at one of the BIOS chip stores. You'll find them on eBay.