Asus Unveils the GTX 780 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card

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Nov 7, 2012
For how powerful their DCII cooler is, I am always surprised at how little ASUS overclocks their "OC" edition cards. The stock clock for the GTX 780 is 863/902MHz so ASUS is only bumping the clock up 39MHz at most. Given that most GTX 780's are clocking well over 1GHz I can't understand why they put such an insignificant overclock on the card. I suppose it's so users can overclock it more themselves but it seems odd that ASUS doesn't at least push the cards to 950/1000MHz out of the box so that "stock" performance is much higher than a reference card.



the "MOST" part is exactly why. for ASUS, it means lowered yields for a certain product. for which they would have to make the choice of trying to get bigger margins on their high-OC cards, and sell the rest as "reject" direct-OC cards. they probably found that they sell more cards by having fewer variety. besides, I wouldn't be surprised that they've already set aside the highest binned chips for some monster card. not to mention Nvidia have binned as well, and might use those to make a GTX 790...


Evga's 780 oc edition is 967/1118 and considering people are very happy with it im leaning toward Evga this time.
I was waiting for an Asus version with their DCII cooler, but recently learnt their coolers though very quiet and efficient at cooling, the hot air isn't entirely vented out the rear like Evga ACX does. Its alright if you have a good case with decent air flow i suppose but id still rather the hot air be exhaust straight out and not pass through the case to then be exhausted.

Maybe this version might be different, we'll see.

This one is no different. You like blower designs. Asus does not do blowers.

The ACX doesn't vent out the rear, it's open.

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