Asus V8200 series capture issue. XP problem?


Feb 5, 2004
Basically I'm having a serious problem trying to get any type of capture software to work properly with my Asus Geforce 3 Ti200 under windows XP. Under windows 98 I had no problems at all. The specific problem being when I run asuslive or ulead video studio 6's capture program. The capture feed is at a near standstill. I get images updated akin to most cheap webcams and not like a live video feed as I did under windows 98. That is to say. The live feed looked no different whatsoever than when I tried to capture video. All I had to do was click the capture button and I had my video saved to an AVI file. Is this because of the operating system? It says I'm using a windows 2000 capture driver. Could it be inferior in some way? I'm really starting to hate windows XP.


Ulead video studio6 works good with XP and my All-in-wonder card. So that is not XP...Must be the drivers for your card. get the latest drivers from Asus web site. They should have them.

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!