Question ASUS VG278Q 27" / Ghosting and Screen Tearing (HELP)

Jan 24, 2019
So I purchased this monitor a few months ago and kept wondering why my aim was bad in video games sometimes and why the enemy seemed to disappear and around 5 months after I started realizing that there were major stutters everytime I'd play Rainbow Six Siege. I tried every possible way to lower the tearing. Only the game's V-Sync showed useful, but I do enjoy being reactive and being able to play without input lag. I tried G-Sync but it showed no difference.

As for the ghosting, I use Trace Free (It's a blur reduction option). I can play with 80 which is the best option since 100 shows weird glitches with colors ( View:
But even with trace free at 80 there were still major ghosting issues that could prove troublesome for gameplay ( View:

So I'm not sure what to do anymore, I considered getting a new monitor but I feel like they'd all give me the same issues at this point.

PS: The video is me aiming at the moon in Rainbow Six on the map House, recording on my phone.

Tearing Screenshots View: