Question Asus vg278q screen flickers black ?

Jun 9, 2021
Hi to everyone, in this last two weeks I had an issue with my main monitor.
First things first this is my build:
MOBO - Asus Maximus X Formula
CPU- i7-8700k
GPU - Rtx 2080 (Gigabyte windforce)
RAM - Ballistix Lt Sport 2x8Gb 2666Mhz
I have connected to the GPU three monitor, the main one is an Asus vg278q and sometimes the screen start to flicker black until it says No Signal and then shut down. The other two monitors run as usual without any kind of issue.
It uses DP and I have already tried to change cable or changing port on the gpu but nothing changes.
I have the last driver for the gpu and I checked if there was an app giving troubles to windows but nothing.
Do you have any idea why this is happening?
Thanks to everyone for your time.