Question ASUS Vivobook s510u power cutting out randomly

Apr 7, 2020
Hi All,

I have an Asus s510u that all of a sudden starts cutting out after a few minutes to one hour. (usually during boot up) sometimes it makes it to windows but after a few minutes it cuts out.

when this happens the fan is still running and the powerlight shows. only after holding down the power button to turn off can I try turning on again.

I have tried:
opening and cleaning fans
booting to bios CPU temp at around 50 max
removed battery and run on wall power (same problem)
Removed ssd and hard drive, booted to bios stiil seems to have same issue
Sometimes cuts out whilst in Bios.

Running out of ideas to try, obviously cant get to the local repair shop these days so would love some ideas of where to check

Thanks for any pointers