Question ASUS VP247QG High-Pitched Whine


Jan 29, 2016
Title says it all. Purchased an ASUS VP247QG brand new back in mid/late July, and it produces a barely audible (yet very distinct and annoying) high-pitched whine noise whenever it receives an input signal (tested over both HDMI and VGA ports). I have a triple monitor setup (the other two being an Acer Predator XB271HU and a Dell SE2416H), and neither of the other monitors have this issue.

The monitor does not produce this whine when in sleep mode OR while turning on; even if it's displaying the full-blue "No Signal" screen, it does not whine. It only whines when it is displaying a signal from a computer. The Dell SE2416H was a recent purchase that caused me to rearrange my desk, so I've only recently noticed the ASUS's whine now that I've moved it closer to me. I've read a number of articles about it being a low-load PSU issue and that I should try changing the brightness, though the whine remains at the same level regardless of the brightness setting.

The closest sound I can compare it to is the high-pitched noise that old CRT televisions make due to the horizontal movement of the electron gun. I want to reiterate that the VP247QG only makes this noise when it is displaying an input signal, so I have no idea what could be causing it, or if it's even fixable. I'd definitely consider RMAing it, though I'm just noticing the issue now 2-3 months after purchasing it (and I threw the box away), so I don't know how far I'd get with that.

Any suggestions? I've got it running through the surge-only section of an APC battery backup, and I can look into sourcing a power conditioner for testing.


I had a similar issue with an ASUS VP...something or other.
It exhibited the same issue - Coil-whine(ish). Was less pronounced with displaying a near black signal, and noticeably louder when displaying a white page.

I didn't do anything about it myself as by the time I isolated, I was out of warranty (it didn't bug me very much). If I were you, I'd consider an RMA.