Question ASUS VS228 Keeps Disconnecting at Power On

Apr 11, 2021
For the past week or so, my second monitor is constantly disconnected from my PC every time I turn it on. I would have to fidget with the HDMI cable until the PC detects the monitor and it is very annoying to deal with. I have been using my ASUS VS228H-P as my second monitor for about seven years now and I have never had this problem.

Every time I turn on my computer, my second monitor would either display the "HDMI Not Detected" box or not show anything at all. My main display (ASUS VG248 with DisplayPort) works totally fine. To get my second monitor to be detected, I would need to unplug my HDMI cable from the monitor or the PC multiple times and replug which is a hassle. To make matters worse, it would display in 1024x760 instead of 1920x1080. On the NVIDIA Control Panel, it says it recognizes the connection as a DVI connection. I have read from previous posts to unplug the monitor from the power source to restart the processes, uninstall and reinstall my graphics driver, etc. but none have worked yet. I am using the CRU application temporarily to make the resolution 1920x1080 until I find a fix. Another note, before these problems, Windows would recognize my monitor by its model name but now it is just "Wired Display".

I currently have a NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER and am using the same HDMI-HDMI cable.

Methods I have tried:
  • Unplug HDMI cable and replugging
  • Switch sides of cable
  • Use different HDMI cable
  • Unplug monitor power and replugging
  • Restart PC
  • Uninstall display driver and reinstall
  • Install previous version of NVIDIA driver
  • Turn off monitor then turn on PC (reverse sequence)
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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