Question ASUS Wifi Adaper AC68 connected but no internet ?

Sep 25, 2021
Last night one of my ASUS Wifi (AC68) adapters dropped internet and continues to say "connected with no internet". All other devices in the house are still on wifi, so I know it is not a direct issue with the internet connection or the router and extender.

The first thing I tried was updating the driver for it directly from the ASUS website. That did not work.
I then tried rolling back the Windows update as I had this same issue with my other ASUS AC68 on a different computer less than a week ago (it worked for that one). However, with the adapter in question, the roll back did not work.
I then switched the 2 adapters in the 2 computers and same issue arises "connected with no internet" (on the secondary computer).
When the non-functioning adapter is in (no matter the computer) device manager shows it's working properly.
I then tried uninstalling drivers, uninstalling device, forgetting wifi connection and reinstalling it all. But that did not work either.
When I check the ping for the adapter it shows sent and received.
When I check devices connected on the extender and the router, I can see the adapter connected.

I don't think the adapter is bad (less than a year old), but I cannot figure out where things are amiss ?

Please help!