Asus X202E random freezing


Apr 25, 2014

I have an Asus X202E laptop that I've had for almost a year. It came with Windows 8.0 and I noticed maybe a few months into using it that it will randomly freeze and I can only do a hard reboot. There is a slightly larger probability that it will freeze within 10 minutes of it booting up but otherwise it could be an hour into using it or 5 minutes and it will completely freeze. It never unfreezes after it sits for a while either. It can happen several times a day or sometimes it won't happen for several weeks. There is nothing I'm doing that seems to be consistent to connect a pattern to it.

I read that the stock hard drives were pretty poor and prone to failure so I upgraded to a Samsung SSD. I cloned the drive and noticed I had the same problem. I read that sometimes the cloning process can be problematic when I was googling this issue.

I then upgraded to Windows 8.1 which didn't change anything. I did a repair on the install and also that did not fix it. I even did a complete reinstall, formatting the hard drive which also did not fix it. I'm thinking it could be a driver thing now but I have no idea how to troubleshoot that.

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I do research on my computer and if I'm taking data and it freezes that is bad! I know this is a cheap laptop but I'd rather not buy a new one right now being as I am broke.

Jun 16, 2019
SAME thing happened to mine. The fix is super easy:
  1. Shut down the laptop
  2. Take the 9 screws off the bottom cover
  3. Pry it off (it snaps on so best to start from the hinge (don't worry, you won't break it))
4. CAREFULLY vacuum out the fan/heat sink
5. Snap it back together and put the 9 screws in and you're good to go!
I can now run 3 windows with 5+ tabs each, one running Spotify, another YouTube, and another Netflix - all playing, no problem!