Oct 8, 2019
I was just wondering what the highest memory speed people have gotten on this mobo. The product description says up to 3466 is supported but the bios has higher option in the xmp files.

Can I get faster ram and still use it if the xmp files are there? I know there may be a hardware limitations but is it still possible since you can manually overclock it?
I have a ryzen 2700x and 32Gb of G skill trident z memory at 3200 MHz. I don’t k ow the exact model unfortunately.
You're fine. The 2700X can easily go to 3200MHz with that RAM. If it's 2x16GB sticks you won't have issues getting them to 3200MHz using the XMP profile. If you have 4x8GB sticks you might have some issues at 3200MHz. In this case you run them at 2933MHz.

You have a Zen+ CPU (2000 series). That CPU support up to 2933MHz guaranteed to work. 3200MHz is achievable on this CPU for most people. Zen2 CPU (3000 series) is 3200MHz but can use 3600MHz without issues.