Question ASUS X555 freezes on boot

Aug 13, 2019
Hello everyone, I have an issue with my ASUS laptop
It started while I was gaming with a sudden freeze of the screen and system that I had to forcefully shut it down.
After turning up for a few minutes I was gaming and notifications started saying a powersurge in a USB port and explaining that a USB device is demanding more power than the device can provide
After that, it freezed again and I turned it off forcefully
I removed a wireless USB mouse I was using at the time and tried to boot the device.
As soon as the screen starts loading Windows 10 and the dots start circling it freezes completely and the hdd light goes out and hard drive stops spinning
First thing, the USB mouse was connected directly to Motherboard.

What I did:
  1. I tried the hard disk on another computer and it works gine
  2. the hdd is connected to a HDD board that I think may be the problem and the hdd board gives a connection to IO through which I tried to use a USB EFI disk and it freezes all the same. This is a different USB port than the one the mouse was connected to.
  1. I can enter th BIOS no problem and tried to reset to default settings
  2. In BIOS the HDD is recognized and serial number and model are correct
  3. If I try to use a USB port that is connected directley to the motherbord to read the EFI disk or an external drive it is not recognised. This USB is ss and I don't know if this USB port can only be used in windows anyways
6. I tried running the laptop without the battery and the AC connected. No luck
7.This maybe unrelated but I have an 8 GB RAM total but in BIOS it says 6 GB memory

Is this an issue with HDD Board . Could it be a power problem that the HDD bpard is not getting enough power ?
I checked the chips and none had obvious burns or anything and no obvious short circuit. but I know that this doesn't rule out a short circuit somewhere not seen

Any help ?