Asus x555ln - blackscreen - auto turn on when plugged in


Jul 29, 2015
Hey. First of all sorry for my poor english. Here is my problem;

Yesterday my laptop first got dark, like the minimum level of brightness. But it was still working. It happened during I was plugging of the external hdmi cable (external monitor). Then, I tried to rise the brigtness via fn+ f6 (i think). It didnt work. So, I turned it off to turn on again. It didnt work.

When I push the power button, I can hear the hdd's sound. I can see the lights. But never screen worked.

Then I realize that after a little while, the hdd light starts to flashing with a constant time period. Like a car's turning signals.

Then I started to find a solution on net. Lots of ppl said it happens because of static electricty. They say remove the battery, plug off the charger and then hold the power button for 60 seconds.

However, this laptop's battery can not be removed from the backside but the inside. Like damn iphones.

Well, I disassembled it and I did it too. It didnt work again. Then I checked net again. Someone said. Disassembly all of it then gather them again. I did it too.

Then, it was started not to work via power button if it is not plugged in charger. Also, when I plugged in, it started to start automatically.

And other symptoms:
- Dvd rom doesnt work (cant open)
- air mode light is always turned on
- hdd light flashing with a fixed period
- fan (cooler) doesnt work.

And: it is a new computer just came to me yesterday but have no warranty. Dont ask why, it is long story.

Here is a picture of inside:

And otherside of motherboard: can someone tell me, which one is the cmos battery?