Question Asus x570-E gaming orange light after bumping flck speed kinda bricked my machine.


Aug 30, 2018
So I was downloading drivers and I used the asus armory and saw this AI suite and wanted to bump up my cpu speed from 3.9 to 4.0 knowing if it didn't like it, I could revert it. So it black screens a few times and then freezes so I turn it off and turn it on and go to bios. I see its back at 3.9 so I tinker with the fclk speed cause apparently it should be either 1:1 with ram speed or atleast like 2000. Mine was 500 so yeah. I bump that up and raise the ram speed to 3333mzh and it doesn't like that so I turn the speed back down to 3200. Then I let my mobo set up the ez wizard to OC it which I've done in the past and worked fine it went up 5% and just bricked the computer. So when I turn it on everything lights up fine.

I reseated the RAM and gpu and still no video output no post no nothing.

I call ASUS to find out 2 of the sticks of RAM I had been using in the MOBO for like 8 months almost a year wasnt compatible even though I used PCpartpicker to check. (I should have checked the manual I know) anyways I put in the ones that still are compatible and still has the same DRAM orange stale light and its not blinking. So ASUS says they will RMA it and check the mobo, but I told them I want to buy 4 sticks of compatible RAM to check it. My questions are these.

  1. What do you guys think should I just RMA anyways?
  2. If I get the RAM thats new and try it is it going to brick those two?
  3. Do you think its the RAM at all?

Granted I haven't tried taking out the cpu to see if its broke or unplugging the SSD's or m.2s to see if the light goes away. Mainly cause its a DRAM and I was tired. Normally after a few hours I end up fixing this stuff, but I have no real way to test if my RAM is actually just dead or if its really the motherboard.


More information needed:

What AI suite? Source?

In times past it was quite reasonable to expect that one could revert back. Unfortunately, for any number of reasons, that may not always be so....

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include PSU and disk drive(s).

What drivers were downloaded and from what sources? Was that done manually by you or via some third party tool or installer?

Leave the CPU etc. in place.

Look in Reliabilty History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events.,

Very likely that either one or both tools may provide some additional clues just before or at the time of the blackscreens and freezes.

Try to narrow down potential culprits.


Aug 30, 2018
Cpu: amd ryzen 9 5900x
Mobo: asus rog x570-E gaming
Gpu:gtx 1080ti
PSU: 850Watt plus 80 gold
Ram g skills trident 3200mhz ram and teams group 3200mhz ram (apparently that's the ram that wasn't compatible but worked for over a year)

I cant even get a POST so can get event logs, the issue is the orange light on my motherboard which basically tells me my RAM is fried or my motherboard is.