Question Asus x570 prime pro/cms unstable after bios update to 4403

D Grm

Apr 23, 2015
After updating my bios to 4403 my system has become unstable with windows 10 constantly tossing bsod screens every few minutes and forcing system reboots. Oddly after the bios update everything was running just fine then two days later the unstability started to occur. There was zero windows or driver updates in this time period and no new software installed on the system. Anyone esle having any issues with bios 4403? My system is ryzen 5 3600, 32gig kingston hyper x 8/2400 15FBK2,MSI radeon 5700xt, windows 10 pro. I only updated the bios to get windows 10 to recognize amd ftpm was enabled incase i wanted to update to win11. Prior to bios update everything was perfectly stable and i had not seen a bsod in over a year.
Jun 28, 2022
I have the Asus x570 Pro board.
My server runs unRAID OS and boots from a USB key where the OS lives.
Today I upgraded from 1405 to 4403, and while my system can see that the USB us attached, as well as other disks, when I power on it boots straight into UEFI /BIOS.

No options at all, it goes straight in. Any thoughts before I downgrade?
I can't seem to get this thing to boot to the USB at all. When I select the USB from the UEFI main page, it still just heads right into the UEFI upon boot.

And yes, I have tried turning it off and on again lol