Question asus x570 prime pro - no display, no boot, q-led indicators loop dram-cpu-vga

Sep 19, 2021
Hi, I have a 3600 on asus x570 prime pro with asus strictly 3080.

Was working for the last 6 months. But today, it would light up, fans spin and GPU CPU fan light up and spin, but no post and no display as well. Tried refitting the ram and GPU, tried a different GPU, nothing works.

The Q-LED indicators loop with DRAM -> CPU -> VGA, then goes back with out reaching boot.

Any advice on what may be wrong?

cant see anything wrong with what you are doing could only recommend clearing the cmos and starting over again and No I have no idea what is wrong so it is a last resort. But might get you up and running again I do not know your board is different but page 1.9 has the info for clear rtc ram BUT UNPLUG SYTEM FIRST IS A MUST and is labelled CLRTC there are two pins use small screwdriver for ten seconds across. Have had to do it myself and it worked out fine for me