Question Asus X99-A 00 Error Code

Sep 23, 2020
Hi guys,

I’m new here so hope I’ve posted this to the right place.

My computer unfortunately had a bit of an impact the other day when my partner tripped over the dog and knocked the PC. It wasn’t turned on at the time but it was on at the AC.

Since then it no longer starts up, I get a red 00 error code on the motherboard, the fans start, gpu and heatsink light up and then it stops. It keeps doing this cycle of starting for a second or less then turning off. I’ve checked for any loose connections, removed the CMOS battery and reset it, ensured the cpu is held in and the retaining pins aren’t bent and I’ve made sure the heatsink isn’t overtightened. I’ve done a search online and see a few people have had issues with this error code but I can’t seem to find any fixes apart from a CMOS reset.

Any idea on what’s happened and what is needed to fix it? I’m assuming new mb and cpu but not quite sure why..... I’m also a bit wary that it could be the psu somehow but the fact that everything else starts makes me think this isn’t the case.


Asus X99-A Motherboard
i7 5820k OC to 4.2
Geforce1080ti Gpu
Corsair 750W CS series 80 plus gold PSU
Corsair Vengeance 16gb ddr4 ram
1TB Samsung 860 Evo

Thanks in advance.
Oct 12, 2020
So I have basically the same exact build except that I’m running a 5930k and an 850RMX power supply I just started getting the 00 on my mobo too. I thought it was the ram for a sec after running many trouble shooting tests but then discovered after running the ram test there’s nothing wrong with the ram. Ended up breaking a stick for no reason I think lol. I’m going to agree with you and say it’s the mobo and CPU at this point. I’ll probably end up getting new ram also. Just sucks to need to spend this $$$ you know.