Question ASUS X99 DELUXE Repair

Jul 2, 2021
Good day

So I've got a bit of an interesting problem.
I bought a second hand Asus X99 Deluxe that was advertised as having the boot up issue of "USB over current detected. System will shut down in 15 seconds".
I was fairly confident that this would be a simple fix so I got the board, put everything together and gave it a test.
Things I noticed:
-I was not getting any connection or power from the USB ports on the motherboard.
-I was able to get power to my keyboard via the front USB ports on my case, however when attempting to enter the Bios the error message would override that and switch off the pc.

Upon further inspection of the motherboard I discovered a USB 3.0 controller chip was missing from the board and it looks as if someone stuck a soldering iron there as the DIMM slot next to it has melted slightly.

So I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience repairing these kinds of issues as you are able to buy a new chip online, but the issue would be attempting to solder a new chip on. If you know this or how to completely bypass the USBs on the IO panel to stop the USB over current, any advice would be much appreciated.

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Basically scrap to me. You can see how much trouble they had de-soldering that chip, getting a new one and soldering it in would be quite difficult.

Also don't know what smaller components they may have knocked off, and I see at least two pads of the chips that are likely destroyed.

Just looks like a poorly taken care of board that someone was either trying to fix by removing a faulty USB controller, or was already harvesting it for parts.


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Your question is basically "How do I fix it" and the answer is, you don't. This is WHY most of us do not recommend buying used hardware, at all, and for CERTAIN not used hardware that you've already been told doesn't work or has problems.

If you buy a car with a blown engine, you can put a new engine in it and you are probably going to be good for a while. PC electronics are not cars though. There is rarely ANYTHING you can fix or replace on them. When they fail or develop problems, that it. It's done. Replace it.

Unfortunately this is probably going to be a painful lesson for you.