Question Asus XG27UQ - HDR Games washed out


Hey there

I was using my OLED TV for gaming for a long time, now I went back to LCD iPS monitor and...

HDR in Youtube looks fabulous! games, games look washed out. My settings are:

  • Windows 10 display settings - HDR ON
  • Game HDR ON - [Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn and Metro Exodus]
  • Nvidia Control Panel, using Nvidia Color Settings as follows:
    • Desktop Color Depth: 32 bit
    • Output color Depth: 10 bpc
    • Output color format: I tried all, RGB, YCbCr 422 and YCbCr 444 [my current setting]
    • Output dynamic range: Limited and full where applicable [only RGB so far]
Any idea what to do to have games look not washed out?

Thank You and I stay with best regards

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I've had some luck by turning HDR off then back on either in monitor or computer. Youtube get way over saturated at times.
well, my HDR is active, it's colors in game are washed out.

And I correct myself, Horizon Zero Dawn looks really good, much better than in SDR. It's only Metro Exodus and Tomb Raider that suffer, not really sure why :/