Question Asus Z170 pro gaming Bios Primary Display setting won't stick to discrete graphics

Jan 29, 2019
I've been using integrated graphics since I built my machine but yesterday I purchased a EVGA GTX1060sc video card and have installed it. Both Ubuntu and Win10 recognize the card and drivers are installed. Monitor output works too from the videocard.

The strange thing is that primary display to the discrete graphics won't stick, after reboot bios keep switching the primary display to CPU (not auto either). I have the latest bios update 3805.
The second weird thing is If I plug both of my monitors to the videocard then the system won't boot. I have to have one monitor on the GPU and one on the Integrated Output or both on the integrated output for the system to boot.

What is going on? Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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Have you tried to do clear CMOS?
That happened a lot of times to me when I had RX card with Asrock.
I would stick a new GPU, then started it up, would not recognize, neither would boot, i would press restart button once and it magically work to the dedicated GPU even tho If i would shut down or restart it would stick to dedicated.

In short, if you use only Display from GPU as you stated, it would not boot up, let it run for 30s and press restart and see what happens.