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Question Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, bricked? :)

Aug 5, 2020
Hello :)

I had a fully working PC and was stupid enough to try and update BIOS to the latest version. The update itself was successful, the PC restarted and since then I haven't been able to get any display signal from it at all (from either the integrated or external GPU).

The motherboard is an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming (rev. 1.04) and I updated the BIOS from 0908 to the latest version 3805 using the built in "EZ Flash" feature with an USB stick.

Things I have tried so far:

- Switch between the different display outputs, both internal and on the external GPU card.

- Remove and replace the CMOS battery.

- Shortcircuit the two pins for clearing RTC.

- Remove all mo-bo connections and connect them again.

- Remove disk drive connections and all but 1 RAM stick.

- Reinstall the CPU.

- Placing the old BIOS file on a formatted USB stick and renaming it with "Z17PG.CAP" (according to the manual), then putting it into the PC on startup to see if the built-in Asus CrashFree Utility could salvage it (got no response or sign that anything happened).

So before I throw it away and replace it with another one, is there anything else you could think of to try? :)