Question ASUS Z170i: 3 SATA ports have suddenly stopped working ?

Aug 25, 2021
My ASUS Z170i has two SSDs connected to the first two gray SATA ports - no M.2 and no SATA express is in use.
During a gaming session, the PC crashed and I rebooted it. The second SSD was not detected anymore.

Here's what I tried to fix the issue:

  • Plugged the second SSD to any of the other 2 SATA ports (there's 4 regular SATA ports)
  • I tried using brand new SATA cables
  • I tried using a brand new SSD (before realising the second SSD still works fine with a USB cable adaptor)
  • I updated the BIOS
Nothing worked. Only the first SATA port seems to be working (its SSD is running Windows 10); everything was fine until it the PC froze/crashed.

Any ideas what to do next?

Update: I'm the idiot noob that also didn't realise that the power cable was not hooked properly to the SSD and it slipped out. Mods, feel free to delete this or make this a cautionary tale.
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