Question ASUS Z270E not booting - blinking orange power led ?


Dec 28, 2016
Hi All,

PC - Components:

CPU - Intel i7 - 7700K
Motherboard - Asus z270 - e Motherboard
Memory - 32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3600MHz
PSU - Silverstone Stryder 1000W PSU
Heat Sink - Deep cool GTE v2
Storage - Patriot Blast 1tb SSD
Graphics Card - GTX Titan X

I've been using this PC for many years and never had any issues with it. recently I decided to get a gaming laptop and use this PC as a movie server. I took it apart to install it in a bigger chassis and when i came to turn it on the pwr led on the motherboard blinks orange. i took it all apart and only connected the front panel wires and the heat sink and memory to try and test it. re attached all the cables again but still nothing. neither the onboard rgb and the fans are turning on and i am unsure of the problem. i cant find anything in the guide for the blinking orange light. I tried reseating the CPU but nothing is happening. it wont turn on at all it just keeps blinking. i even replaced the CPU 8 Pin connector just in case.