ASUS Z270F ''Fully command your gaming experience on 7th generation Intel Core processors'' not true at all


Mar 28, 2017
hello, i am riccardo from italy,
Before start talking about my misadventure, i want to tell you that i'm a great asus fan, i have a 2k monitor, a strix keyboard and mouse and 2 smartphone. and i am really happy!
i have upgraded my old motherboard that was an ASUS h270f.

TUESDAY I have bought this z270f motherboard and after a unsleep night to try to let it work, this morning i have called the asus call center.

Asus says that my motherboard have on it the 0505 bios installed that let only skylake cpus works.

to update the motherboard's bios to 0604,the bios that supports my i5 7600k, i have to put a skylake cpu on the motherboard and do the update.
The operator on call center said also that if i have not a 6th gen cpu i have to go to an ASUS shop or a pc shop and i have to pay to fix it.

do you think that this is fair?


That seems odd to release a Z270 board that doesn't run series 7 chips out of the box. I know they are new but so is the motherboard. Asus need to fix that right away or they have a lot of angry customers who can't install CPU on boards - it would seem to be something they could fix before releasing boards to public.


Its strange, I can't find any reference to a Asus Strix Z270f gaming bios with the number Asus gave you, the earliest BIOS on the Asus web site for motherboard is number 0701. Normally they include them all.

I thought they may have been confused and looked up Z170 but I didn't find 0505 anywhere.

Their web site agrees that you need 0604 but it seems short sighted to release motherboards without right bios on it. The upgrade in store should be free as how are you to know?