News ASUS Z690 Q-Release Button Makes GPU Removal a Breeze


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I never have a problem with the latch on the pcie slot, I'm more interested in those heatsinks on the m.2 slot with an actual heatpipe.
I have. They're the reason why I went with an AIO cooler for my current PC.
The sheer size of high-end CPU air coolers makes accessing the PCIe latch nearly impossible. I never managed to remove a GPU without either removing the CPU cooler first, or cutting my hand on the radiator.
I even once scratched my mainboard with a screwdriver when I couldn't reach the latch with my fingers.

I for one am glad about any improvement in the PC parts market.


Dec 15, 2016
I don't understand what this does lol... Does it move the little clip on the pcie slot (release it from locked position) and slightly pop the gpu out or does it just release the clip?

That little clip doesn't even really do anything because they are just help in by 2 small plastic nubs. Mine actually fell off the other day on a brand new Asus ROG Crossfire VIII Formula motherboard. I popped it back in, installed the 3080ti ftw3 ultra (that I got for MSRP at microcenter) and then cried when I realized I needed to order another power cable because I only had 2...

If you think it's painful finding a gpu just imagine how painful it is to actually have one of the high end ones and not be able to use it until the post office gets a cable to you.
Apr 1, 2020
What people want: Less expensive, more fully featured motherboards.
What Gigabyte gives us: 4 PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 slots
What ASUS gives us: A GPU quick release!

And this is why I used my first non-ASUS motherboard since 2008.