Asus Z87 PLUS with I7-4790K don't work

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Apr 1, 2015
Junkeymonkey: Happy end of history...

As you can see, english isn't my mother tongue, so I try the chat at Spain site of ASUS.. a very short one ("Hello, can I help you?" - "Yes, (and I described my problem)" - "Where are you calling from?" - "Argentina" - "This site is only for spaniards customers" - end of the chat). The attendant not said I'm sorry, or Apologies, only shut down the chat...). I was very, very upset...

Then at the last resource, the U.S. chat, I was lucky, because Peter B. a very kindly attendant listened to me, and give me this link, and emphatised a lot to use the second option...

So, to update the BIOS on a Z87, you need:

a) a working PC with an Intel Processor of the old batch (eg. I5-4430)
b) download and install the Intel MEI (Management Engine Interface) from Chipset Tools.
c) download Asus_BIOS.....new_4th_Gen... etc. tool
d) download the last BIOS release (2103)
e) Flash the BIOS with the ASUS Tool and not from UEFI
f) Install the new Processor (I7-4790K in my case)

At the post, the BIOS is now "2103 64" and not 2103.

It's work !!!!!

So, the trick was to install the Intel MEI (under Windows) first, and then update with the ASUS tool (under Windows). It's looks as if the BIOS as
as some difference now "2103 64" . If I tried to flashed from UEFI I ever finished with "2103". Well, I'm not going to be boring with this topic, but why the factory 2103 doesn´t work? ASUS don't have a trick for MEI from factory and to avoid to use another processor?.

Well, my system is working now with the 4790K, end of discussion. Many thanks to all of you, folks... Bye

Not open for further replies.
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