Question Asus Z97-A with different GPU - now no POST? (works fine if old GPU in PCIe slot 1 put back in)

Feb 7, 2020
Hello. First time poster.

I've had my Asus Z97-A motherboard which has worked flawlessy for a years coupled with my AMD Firepro v4900 graphics card with 1gb (gets it power from motherboard). I used Solidworks and puchased an old but supposely high end (back in the day) nVidia K4000 GPU with 3gb. I uninstalled old AMD video drivers and installed new card yesterday. I get NO POST (no video or beeps).

I immediately figured it was a BIOS issue so I flashed BIOS to latest version 2018. I also set it to Optimized defaults which I figured was safe since there are a ton of options in there for PCIe slots (Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Auto). Everything is set to auto I believe. I have a 650watt psu so power shouldn't be an issue. I have the 6pin PCIe connector in the GPU and fan spins and card gets warm so I know the connector is ok. At this point, I'm outta options.

I had this issue with the same version card (but different card) that I bought a while back for my other PC and BIOS was a pain in that Gigabyte board so I'm thinking that may be an issue with this one also. I cleared out the CMOS as well about 20 times.

Any suggestions would be great. I'm trying to find a live chat or email address to contact ASUS but don't see much but "online answers" which do me no good. I doubt the card is bad since I had issues with same model card in my other PC. If I take out this card which needs a 6pin PCIe power connector and put my old GPU in same slot, all is well. If I remove card and leave all PCIe slots empty and use the onboard video I can POST. There are some lights flashing on the motherboard, I haven't read about what each one does. I think one is for CPU, one for mem check, etc. I think the one next to the PCIe slot is NOT lit up though signaling no issue?
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