Review Asus ZenBook 13 (2020) Review: Ultraportable Value

Jul 8, 2020
After my last horrendous experience with Asus support, I just cant see myself trusting them with thousands more of my hard earned dollars, I'm still angry and disappointed. It may be it's an Ok product, but in my case the speaker connector fell off the motherboard during a routine disassembly and reassembly for a battery test/replacement and it totally voided my warranty, and they would not see the disparity or logical flaws in their own policy. Any company, with a no exceptions policy, is hiding behind it, to cover deeper issues. Sorry Asus. We tried....My laptop was 6 months old, and had been in their hands 3 months of its life with rma's. True story bro....They still have it now.


Feb 24, 2016
Why would you under productivity performance section say:
"To put that into perspective, the i7-10510U is a 4 core, 8 thread processor that performs at a base clock speed of 1.8 GHz and a max boost clock speed of 4.9 GHz. That’s higher than the Ryzen 7 4700U, which impressed us with its cost-to-performance ratio on the Acer Swift 3, though it also bears a higher price."

This makes no difference whatsoever, the number is bigger. Show me where that actually translates into higher performance. It doesn't.
Geekbench 3297 vs 4862 : AMD wins
Handbrake 21:34 vs 11:00 : AMD wins
R20 1200ish vs 2300ish : AMD wins

These are landslide wins for AMD yet, the reader would probably think Intel would win for these based on the statement above. Also if this is such a comparable system why not include the performance results of the Ryzen 7 4700U?

At a minimum you are being intentionally misleading or are ignorant of the facts. Either would disqualify you from reviewing samples like this.

Why even bother talking about the Ryzen part if you are not going to include the results in the graphs?