Question Asus Zenbook Pro Duo --- high temps only when power adapter is plugged in ?


Aug 6, 2015
Hello everyone. As the title says , I have an Asus laptop ( the i7 version ) and I noticed the temperatures spike alot so I opened the laptop cleaned the vents ( even though they were already clean ), reapplied thermal paste and the result still the same ! after some research I figured the laptop is fine when working on battery and the temperatures go crazy as soon as I plug it into the power. On battery the laptop idles at around 40 oc and when I plug into power it mostly idles around 50-60 oc but can go as high as 100 oc just for a short period !!! basically the temperature is all over when plugged in. I checked the power plan and it was on "Asus recomended power plan" I changed it to "Ultra" and "Balanced" not a big difference, the temperature still is all over. Is this normal or something is wrong ? If something is wrong the only thing I can think of would be a faulty power supply , I ran windows power troubleshooter and nothing wrong. Any idea on why it's happening and how to fix it would be appreciated :)