Review Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED (UX5304) Review: Pretty, But Maybe Too Thin

Jun 23, 2023
I've had this computer for 2 weeks and did not put it through any stress tests. When I turned on the computer today, the screen was dead. I tried a few fixes that I found on the Asus website to no avail. I called Asus technical assistance and they had me try one fix, but that did not work either. They told me that a laptop needed to be returned to the store where I purchased it or sent in for repair.

As the reviewer reported, this laptop runs hot. Most of the heat can be felt on the back of the laptop near where the serial number is located. It gets hot enough to sting to the touch! I can't imagine that this is good for the components in the long run. I wonder if this affected the screen or the connections to it.

This is obviously disappointing. I have another Asus Zenbook that I purchased in 2017 which still runs flawlessly. I like the brand, but I am having some doubts about this model.