Question Asus ZenBook stuck on "in search of incredible screen", i think it might be a problem with the motherboard?


May 21, 2016
So i bought a Zenbook UX303U off ebay a couple months back, and recently i have been having this problem where the laptop would get stuck forever on the boot screen that says "in search of incredible", with no loading circles. Very rarely will i get past this boot screen, and the only time it will actually boot is when the battery runs out and i get the message "error sending End of Post message to ME: HECI disabled , proceeding with boot". I have tried resetting the computer to no success, and i also took it to my schools' computer tech and, after trying to boot into windows PE, told me that the motherboard was most likely dying and that i would probably need a new laptop.
I have done some research and some other forums say that flashing the bios could fix the problem. I would do this however i heard that it is a risk involved procedure that could potentially void my buyers protection from ebay if it completely bricks the computer or even changes it at all.

Anyone know anything about my problem? Its a good laptop when it gets past the boot screen and works great, but is unusable most of the time as it's nearly impossible to get to windows.
Any help would be much appreciated :)