Question ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 Reboots Randomly with Apple Devices Connected to It


May 4, 2012
I bought a new ASUS AX6600 (two units). I update the firmware and started using it, then noticed the router was rebooting at random intervals. I reset everything to default settings - no change, the router still rebooted.
I sent it back as a warranty case and got a new set. I set it up (everything standard firmware, newest version) and it started doing exactly the same.
As a next step I disconnected all LAN devices from it, including an Apple TV I had and suddenly the problem disappeared. I started plugging the devices in again and found out the Apple TV was causing the issue. I updated the OS on the Apple TV, reset it to factory defaults but the problem remained. So I disconnected it and hoped everything was fine. Then I took my iPad and connected it to the wifi and suddenly the problem was back again. I figured out it happens also with my wife's iPhone, so it looks to be any Apple device, irrelevant of type, OS, wifi or LAN.
I found another person complaining of a similar issue on Amazon ( and some similar issues for other Asus routers in different forums.
Any ideas what the problem might be and what to do next?


I had a client who owned an Asus RT-AC55UHP router, who mentioned that if you had too many devices hooked up to the router or a number of Apple devices, the router wouldn't like it. Wouldn't reboot on it's own but it'd cut internet to all devices. The solution he had, was to give it to me and take a look at it, eventually he decided to let me have it when he noticed that I wasn't facing any issues with the router, ofc I had no Apple devices in my household but anything that would connect to the router worked flawlessly.