Question Asus Zenwifi XT8 Issues - error

Dec 2, 2020
Hello good afternoon.

I bought 3 asus zen wifi xt8 router to work as Access points in mesh system in the house.
I have the main router/modem from ISP connected to a switch and I connected 3 Zen wifi routers to the switch through wall in each floor, as explained in the link below in Scenario 3, that is, the main module connected to the switch on lan1 and the other 2 connected to the switch on the wan port.
Scenario 3: Using AiMesh or ZenWiFi with network switch. And using Main AiMesh router as AP mode (Bridge mode).

What happens is that I can only connect via WIFI with one device. If connecting another device always gives an error and I have tried with many. I can connect by cable on several different devices (computers) directly to the main XT8 module that is connected to the switch so I think this is not a DHCP problem with the ISP router because assigns IP to the two cable-connected devices.
The problem is that I can't connect via wifi.

Whay I am doing wrong? I did what asus told in that support page. Can you advice me other layout?
I appreciate all possible help. Thank you very much