Question ASUS Zephyrus GA502DU performance and crashing issues.


May 17, 2015
Greetings, I am wondering what to do to fix or alleviate the problems with my laptop. Under heavy loads while playing certain games I get intermittent framerate drops for one second and this corresponds with my performace drops in the below readings where the clock speeds drop to nearly 25% for a second. There are certain things that might be important:
  • The system restarts itself after I quit a game that uses a heavy load. I does not blue screen, just restarts as if normal.
  • I do not have a previous restore to go back to. This IS the restore.
  • I am a moron and went to installing lots of new drivers hoping to fix the issue not knowing what I was doing including the BIOS, various firmwares, and all video drivers so I messed with a lot of things I probably should have left alone.
  • The stuttering will happen even if the CPU is only 80% in some cases.
  • Fans appear to be clean, but I am unnable to remove them from the motherboard to actually look inside because they have some kind of tape on them to seal the vents.
  • Power supply is plugged into main wall socket.
Any help from someone would be appriciated. I have been using OCCP for monitoring. Here is a screen of what is happening on imagir.


If anyone could offer any advice id appreciate it
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